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This year's nominees in the acting categories seem to be more disappointing than usual. Whether it was because the Academy changed its schedule, or because the studios got their publicity strategy wrong, or simply because the competition was too fierce, many great performances ended up not being chosen despite most predictions and most "safe" choices. Before entering the list, it should be noted that this list includes performers who have appeared in films nominated for Best Picture or who have been nominated for at least one major moviesrush film industry or television award.

Can The Farewell movie will bring tears to your ears?

Maybe the critics need to push her harder. Also, I really enjoyed the skymovieshd when it was released, so it was interesting to see how little effort was made to bring it to wider attention." Farewell is "overall a great movie, a very heartwarming story that will bring tears to your eyes, but it also has the occasional funny moment. Let's hope that Lulu Wang has more opportunities to tell stories like this.

farewell that brings tears

The most beautiful performance of the year

Sure, Laura Dern was great in "The Marriage Story," but she had enough buzz already. Wouldn't it be nice if critics put a little more pressure on Cho? Awkwafina was impressed when she won the Golden Globe, but unfortunately, she didn't get the attention she deserved. Who knows what went wrong, but perhaps many Academy members were too lazy to watch a movie that needed subtitles. It's a shame because these are two of the most beautiful performances of the year. For more, you can search for 4movierulz.

Rocketman failed to get the attention it deserved

Maybe a sequel to "Bohemian Rhapsody," but "Rocket Man" failed to get the attention it deserved, despite getting much better reviews and being a much better movie overall. Maybe it's because Elton John is no longer popular, maybe it's the release date. But he does a great job in this movie. It shows that singing with your own voice can be such a great instrumental element. Rocket Man is unique in that it is a true musical, with the characters singing.

What things turned voters against to him

I'd also like to pay tribute to Jamie Bell, who was never nominated despite playing Barney Taupin. But the film is also a story of friendship, and the scenes between the two men are a particular highlight. We don't know what turned voters against him; maybe they liked him, or maybe he was just too competitive. Either way, thanks to his performance in this film, he's finally getting the great recognition he deserves and has better film opportunities ahead of him. You can search and download bolly4u movies.

Is Eddie Murphy still one of the best actor

Eddie Murphy is one of the biggest comebacks of the year: in the 80s he was one of the most famous comedians in the world, in the 90s he did quite well, if inconsistently, in great allmovieshub like "Life" and "Archer," and in the 21st century his filmography shows that he is still one of the best actors in the world, with " Despite occasional flashes of brilliance, such as "Dreamgirls" receiving Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe, it was not his best work, to say the least.

Eddie Murphy deliver great performances throughout his career

Unlike many of the roles, Murphy has played since the turn of the century. Rudy Ray Moore is an interesting character with complex and conflicting emotions, and Murphy takes the opportunity to explore his personality. He managed to blend in perfectly with the character. Not only does he deliver a great performance, but he also serves as another reminder of his on-screen appeal, and he remains one of the most gifted comedians on the planet. This is because, unlike his other films to date, this is a role he clearly cares deeply about, and, unlike, for example, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, this is a serious project, written and directed by people with real talent. You can also ask and download 9kmovies.

Jennifer Lopez was nominated for the Independent Spirit award

While critics have praised her portrayal of Ramona, Jennifer Lopez has long lost respect as a credible actress. Perhaps it was her pop diva image in the media, her unsuccessful films since 2001, and her transformation into a sort of "brand" rather than a truly respected actress. But in "Goodfellas," Lopez returns to her roots as a character actress. That's when she co-starred with Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola in "My Family," for which she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Watch hit movies you can search for mkvmax movies.

Hustler was a great step to Jennifer Lopez Carrier

Critics probably should have pushed her harder, because the film won't resonate with mainstream voters, many of whom are uncomfortable with Lopez's portrayal. But "The Huntsman" is a huge step forward in her career. She was finally able to appear in an independent film rather than a big company romantic comedy. Her win is very hard for her fans to swallow, especially in a weak year like this one. However, there's no telling what the future holds if she can use the goodwill she's received here and focus on her character.